Larger than Life: Position Series #2

Basketball: The Lost Art of the Low Post

For larger children, oftentimes you are shoved into a sport that you don’t want or even a place where you don’t want to play. Basketball, however, provides a place for those too large to be contained.

The low post, or the area closest to the basket has always been dominated by those who tower above the other players. The post is a place for those who are able to reach higher, be physical, and command attention. This is great for large kids to develop footwork, aggressiveness and to feel that they have a place in athletics.

Quick Meals for People Always on the Go

As students, and more in particular larger people, oftentimes we find ourselves in need of a quick source of food. This may not be the best thing, but all health thoughts aside, we often value quantity or quality. Here are a few options for cheap meals that fill you up, and don”t take long to get.


McDonald’s 20 piece Nuggets for $5IMG_2434.JPG

For only $5 this is a good deal, and it’s also easy to share! This is a top item and the quickness of McDonald’s helps as well.

2. Wendy’s 4 for $4

This is a great deal! The amount of food for $4 is great, and gives variety to a meal that could otherwise be boring.

3. Sonic $1 Corn Dogs

Corn Dogs are a great quick meal, and the price is helpful, even someone as large as me can only eat 3 corn dogs, so with a low price of $3 tops, this will be very filling.

These a just a couple of quick meals for cheap, that can help fill a large person for as little as possible.

Larger Than Life: Position Series


As a larger than life person, oftentimes we are shunned from the popular athletic positions, like point guard or quarterback. While oftentimes this is very upsetting for many kids, there are several sports they can still excel in.

One of these positions is in the sport of Football, it is the position of Offensive Lineman.

Offensive Lineman require size, strength, intelligence and a little bit of an attitude. It teaches values such as teamwork, in the way that the position demands 5 people to work together, hand-eye coordination in the way they must block people, and body control and balance. This position can still make a lot of money, but at its core it provides a place for athletes who are larger than life.

Living in a Large Family


The Wilson Family +1

Growing up in a large family is a very interesting experience. For one, there is never enough space for everyone, no matter the size of the vehicle. Someone’s legs are always against each others at tables in restaurants, and there is never enough food come Christmas.

There are several values however, emphasized by bigger families that other families can apply to themselves.

  • Never look down on others
    • As large people, it is often easy to look down on people, both literally and figuratively. My parents always instilled in me to treat all people kindly, and to mock others because they may be smaller, or different than you
  • Be helpful
    • This comes in small ways, from helping people reach things if they are not able, to picking up bags for an elder if they need it. Hospitality is crucial, and not seeming as a threat means a lot to people.
  • Be Outgoing
    • As a large person, many people are scared of you immediately because of your size and stature, however, if you introduce yourself, be kind and inviting, oftentimes people will open up to you.
      • One of my sisters favorite sayings is one that is super big to me
        • ” Speak, you may be talking to the person who will cure cancer”

These lessons shape how bigger people react to others and can deescalate situations and help create relationships that would have otherwise not occurred

Knowing Your Body

This blog is dedicated to large people, but even in this specific area people can differ in sizes. There are three main body types, and two that contain large people. These two types are Mesomorphs, example Lebron James, and Endomorphs, think Shaq. These two types have to diet and take care of different things with their body’s in order to live fully. Take the quiz here to find out what your type is and how to live as that type!

How to: Shopping Online as a Large Individual

Shopping as a large person can be extremely difficult. The main way that shopping is now easier for large people is online shopping. Here are a few examples of sites with reasonable prices for those striving to look good large.

  1. JCPenny Big and Tall

JCPenny has one of the best online shopping selections, with sizes for those Big and Tall, to short and chunky, to everywhere in between. It also has a great price range for those who cannot afford suits and more expensive items.

2. Azar Man

Azar Man is an on the rise shop in Los Angeles that took off online first. They sell very high quality suits for extremely low prices, with very different and unique styles being their calling card. The only thing is the shipping, which can take anytime from one to three weeks.

3. Destination XL

This site has some pros and cons, the clothes are can be quite expensive, however the assortment is excellent. I recommend this site for those looking to expand their wardrobe with a little extra money in their pocket


How to: Photos with Height Differences

One of the biggest problems that large people face in today’s society, is being able to take pictures correctly. The problem begins because now pictures are taken on the fly, with cell phones, and this reduces the amount of setup that goes into a good photo. As a large person, there are several good poses to ensure that no one is cut off in the photo, while still maintaining a good shot.


image1 (4)

Notice how awkward this picture is due to size difference


The number one way to reduce height is sitting, one common example is the larger person sitting while the shorter stands


Another great sitting pose, as this makes both seem around the same size


By shooting from a lower angle, and having the shorter person more to the camera the height does seem around the same

The 10 Large Life Commandments

These are a list of the 10 commandments for how to live large, and happy.

  1. Your size is a gift, don’t be ashamed of it. Be proud of yourself.
  2. Understand that you will eat more than the average person, you need to in order to fuel your body correctly.
  3. You will never fit in pictures with average size people correctly standing up, sitting will be best for angles.
  4. People will always ask you to take selfies of them due to your height and reach for angles.
  5. You will have to avoid things others don’t. For example, low hanging ceiling fans and short doorways.
  6. Being large has its perks, use them. See over crowds, put things in places others cannot reach.
  7. Don’t allow people to make fun of you for your size, God gave you so much there is more of you than others. If anything act like you must bend over slightly to hear them make fun of you.
  8. Get used to hearing “Your so tall/ do you play sports?”
  9. Understand hug leverage, many people will put there head in the middle of your chest instead of equal to your head.
  10. Understand the unspoken large people language. We know each others pain.


Welcome to the Larger Than Life blog! This is a blog dedicated to tips and content on how to live as an above average person. For example, tips for dieting as a large individual, and understanding it is ok to be larger than others. This blog will also contain content about the everyday life as a large person, such as selfies with short people, having to reach the projector for the teacher, and for unwillingly scaring away people because of your size. Finally, being large is the best thing possible, if there’s an ice age or zombie attack; think about it, who’s surviving? Vegan’s or people who eat anything?