How to: Shopping Online as a Large Individual

Shopping as a large person can be extremely difficult. The main way that shopping is now easier for large people is online shopping. Here are a few examples of sites with reasonable prices for those striving to look good large.

  1. JCPenny Big and Tall

JCPenny has one of the best online shopping selections, with sizes for those Big and Tall, to short and chunky, to everywhere in between. It also has a great price range for those who cannot afford suits and more expensive items.

2. Azar Man

Azar Man is an on the rise shop in Los Angeles that took off online first. They sell very high quality suits for extremely low prices, with very different and unique styles being their calling card. The only thing is the shipping, which can take anytime from one to three weeks.

3. Destination XL

This site has some pros and cons, the clothes are can be quite expensive, however the assortment is excellent. I recommend this site for those looking to expand their wardrobe with a little extra money in their pocket



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