Living in a Large Family


The Wilson Family +1

Growing up in a large family is a very interesting experience. For one, there is never enough space for everyone, no matter the size of the vehicle. Someone’s legs are always against each others at tables in restaurants, and there is never enough food come Christmas.

There are several values however, emphasized by bigger families that other families can apply to themselves.

  • Never look down on others
    • As large people, it is often easy to look down on people, both literally and figuratively. My parents always instilled in me to treat all people kindly, and to mock others because they may be smaller, or different than you
  • Be helpful
    • This comes in small ways, from helping people reach things if they are not able, to picking up bags for an elder if they need it. Hospitality is crucial, and not seeming as a threat means a lot to people.
  • Be Outgoing
    • As a large person, many people are scared of you immediately because of your size and stature, however, if you introduce yourself, be kind and inviting, oftentimes people will open up to you.
      • One of my sisters favorite sayings is one that is super big to me
        • ” Speak, you may be talking to the person who will cure cancer”

These lessons shape how bigger people react to others and can deescalate situations and help create relationships that would have otherwise not occurred