Quick Meals for People Always on the Go

As students, and more in particular larger people, oftentimes we find ourselves in need of a quick source of food. This may not be the best thing, but all health thoughts aside, we often value quantity or quality. Here are a few options for cheap meals that fill you up, and don”t take long to get.


McDonald’s 20 piece Nuggets for $5IMG_2434.JPG

For only $5 this is a good deal, and it’s also easy to share! This is a top item and the quickness of McDonald’s helps as well.

2. Wendy’s 4 for $4

This is a great deal! The amount of food for $4 is great, and gives variety to a meal that could otherwise be boring.

3. Sonic $1 Corn Dogs

Corn Dogs are a great quick meal, and the price is helpful, even someone as large as me can only eat 3 corn dogs, so with a low price of $3 tops, this will be very filling.

These a just a couple of quick meals for cheap, that can help fill a large person for as little as possible.

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