Lighter Than Life

As football season at Nicholls has drawn to a close, and many are looking back at what the team could have done better, the players begin to get ready for next year. I personally, after conversations with my offensive line coach and strength coach, agreed that I needed to go on a diet. I know what you’re thinking… your just big you are not fat, while do you need to go on a diet. The answer is yes and no. Being the person I am and the way I am structured is one of my many blessings. I am able to hold a lot of weight, without looking overweight. This gives the impression that I am not overweight, even though I am. This diet works for two reasons.

  • Since I will be losing weight, I will be more mobile, quicker and more explosive
  • When football ends one day, I will need to be on a diet to lose weight

Though I still have two more years to play football here at Nicholls, the end is already in sight. The position that I play requires me to be large, strong, and powerful, but after I am done playing all of this weight will be unnecessary. By dieting now, I am preparing myself for what is to come, and helping my body remove the negative things that are in me.

So, how many pounds then? My goal is to be at 300 pounds by March 30th. This means I will need to lose 40 pounds in the next 4 months. Is this attainable? Yes. Will it be hard? Absolutely. I wouldn’t have it any easier.

Unfortunately, I do not have a cook or a team chef like many NFL players to help me stay on top of my diet, but with the support of my friends and family, and the support of the football team I know that I will be able to accomplish this goal.

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